Young Decades Put It All Together On Hypnotic Single “No Sleep”

Putting it all together takes some musical acts years and years. Imagine then creating and performing “No Sleep” so early in their career. Young Decades (Leicester, UK) have done it, combining lilting songcraft, top-notch vocals, stirring instrumentation and a thrilling tinge of nostalgia into one dynamite single. Don’t even get me started on the piano to fuzz guitar to “na-na-na” vocal fade. Pure magic in the mix.

Band of the Day on Maximum Volume (link.)

Young Decades were born into a pandemic. Unable to tour, the band stuck to a frenetic plan to get themselves heard, releasing a new track every 9 weeks alongside several collections of remixes and alternative versions.

“No Sleep” rises as an experience in processing memory and looking for clues. Turn on the radio, turn on the TV too…

There’s a journey to take, experiences to contemplate…and some of them populate the brain at 2:21 in the morning, right when you want the escape of sleep. You power on, hoping your thoughts power off.

Young Decades. (Promo photo from Facebook)

Imagine Young Decades caught willingly in the creative process, grabbing for bits and pieces to parcel together in the name of making sense of it all. Melodies overlapping. Words rising from broken shards of glass. Echoing steps as they walk in the tall grass by the quarry.

Then one afternoon, in one song…It all comes together. Elegantly.

“No Sleep” was released in late 2020 and it spent much of 2021 in heavy rotation at my place.

Young Decades have just released their latest single (late July 2022) She Needs The Pain (YouTube Link.)


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